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Hello rockers!
Welcome back again.I know you guys were waiting for this post .So, today I’m going to teach you guys how you can hack a facebook account so easily .Just follow me step by step.One more thing today we are going to learn phishing method , so those who don’t know about phishing and how to create a phishing page ,please read this post first.
Well, now follow step by step below :
1.At first click here to  download the “Phishing package”.
2.After download then extract it.
3.Now you’ll get 3 files in phishing package folder (index.html,log.txt,login.php)

4.Now go to www.my3gb.com and register there .After register successfully  log into your my3gb account and click on the
“File manager” option  and then there you’ll see a file name “index.html” .Delete “index.html” file .

5.Now upload all 3 files that you got in phishing package.After uploading you’ll see as like the image below.
6.Now you need to collect your phishing URL/link.You’ll find your phishing link at the top of your homepage.The URL/link of your phishing site will be like this – http://_______my3gb.com .Mine is http://sumon123.my3gb.com
See the picture below for a better understanding .
7.Well, I hope you got your phishing link .Now we’ll short our link to hide the actual phishing link.
Go to www.goo.gl  and copy your phishing URL  then paste it in the box and click on the shorten URL  button.Now copy the short link and keep it safe .
9.Now there are so many ways to send the short URL to victim .You can send the URL via facebook chat also but recently facebook increases their security and it’s difficult to send the URL via chat .So, here I got a new trick to cheat with facebook security .You just insert some symbol like + ,@ or _  into your URL (ex : http://go_o.gl/cK9_HL ) and sent the short phishing link to the victim and tell your victim to remove those symbol  and click on it.Otherwise you can send the URL via email.
8.If victims log into the phishing page that is send  by you then  victim’s password and email id will be saved in “log.txt” file automatically that you uploaded at my3gb.com.

9.So, now  open the “log.txt” file and get your desired password and change it fast.

I hope now you’ll be able to hack someone ;)
To protect your facebook account from being hacked read this post .
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Notice: This tutorial is only for educational purpose If  you misuse this then HackingAndBlogging.blogspot.in will  be not responsible !!


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