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Welcome back .Today I’ll tell you how to be more secure and safe in facebook. Hackers are always trying to hack you. May be you are thinking that you are safe but trust me you are not :o .Most of noobs beside script kiddies try to hack facebook account by phishing , keylogger and social engineering method .Now I’m going to tell you how you can protect your account from them.
Follow  my instruction carefully and you’ll be safe in internet also ;)
1. First of all you should browse websites so carefully. Don’t click any link that you are not concern about .
2. Try to stay away from porn sites because hackers know what is your weakness and they target that properly.
3. Always check your address bar that you are log into main facebook website not any fake pages.To make that sure always  type www.facebook.com in your address bar. If you ever see that a facebook login page’s url address is not www.facebook.com  then surely it’s a fake login page .Never login to that page.
4.Here is an add on for you that’s called FB Phishing Protector. It’ll protect you from any kind of phishing .It’ll warn you when any phishing page will be detected .
5.Make a strong password for your facebook account .Strong password like alphabets, digits and symbol mixed password .
Ex : abc234*&%
6.Don’t use same password in your e-mail and facebook account.
7.Don’t use a password twice in anywhere in internet.
8.Don’t use your mobile number, nick name , birth date or anything that is guessable as password.
9.As we all know facebook and e-mail account’s use security questions for  the safety of users but do you know how easy it is to break that security question and hack your account ? May you are not concern about that .Hackers use social engineering method to gain your security question’s answer .So, try to answer the security question that is not actually should be an answer .
Ex: Security Question : Which city did you born?
Answer : That’s none of your business :P .
10.Never  tell  your e-mail address to anyone unless you believe him/her.
11.Set your privacy in facebook .Hide your e-mail address and friend list and all info that none of stranger can know about you .And you should hide your e-mail address and friend list in facebook from all of your friends and all people .Set as “only me” option.
12.Never open a unknown person’s mail .If your mail get hacked your facebook also will be hacked.
13.Use a key scrambler , an anti-virus , a super-antispyware and keep them up to date always.
14.Try to avoid cybercafé .
15.Don’t let anyone use your computer if he/she is your friend too.
16.Try to update your password in every month or week.
17.Enable your –
  • Secure Browsing
  • Login Notifications
  • Login Approvals
  • App passwords
To enable all of these log in to your facebook account and go to  Account Settings >Security  and you’ll find all options there.
If you follow all the instruction  above then nobody will be able to hack you :)
Now you can be more safe in facebook and everywhere :)
Enjoy the power of social network and keep safe in internet ;)
Opps! I forgot one more point to tell you :P
:D Don’t forget to visit us regular for more tips to be safe in internet :D


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