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 Here we presenting you a best trick which is How to accept all friend request on facebook at once or in one click, You have to Follow some steps to accept your all friend request by a single click. How to accept all friend request on facebook at once/in one click Here we show you how can you accept your all pending friends request at once follow given below steps. How to do:
This Tricks works in Mobile Also :) Enjoy 
Go to here(click here).
Click on get token button.
You have to copy your token quickly.
After that submit your token given acces token box.
Click on load token
Wait for a sec it starts to analyse your facebook account.

 Finally click on accept all friend requests.

Bingo!!!! You can check your facebook account all pending friend requests has been successfully confirmed.

Enjoy Share this trick with your friends because it is 100% working for accepting all friends request at once.


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