Facebook is social network, and there are two types of Facebook user first of all those user who use fb to connect with their friends and family.

And second are those user who love Facebook likes and comments and want to become famous on Facebook by getting more and more Facebook likes and comments See this example , She Is Sonia Shoukat , Remarkable Girl so famous on Facebook , her dp 18,000 Likes , 32 Shares , 3951 Comments waoo


Bot Comments are those comments which are automatically send to your friends post without typing in comments box. It’s like a machine you active on your Facebook profile and then automatically send Stylixh comments on your friends timeline post , its help to connect with more friends and make you famous by getting more and more friends request , This is a Cool Facebook Trick to become famous.
Some of the bot comments are in picture


There are lot of bot sites which do this job , but all of these sites are temporary and removed by Facebook after some time , so these are not permanent , we have to search these bot sites .

  • Click Here To Get Access Token Allow The Application.

  • Copy The Token in URL Bar of Browser After Allowing Application

  • Remove This From the Token and Paste in Site Which is Open in First Step

  • Click Submit and Click Save

  • Your Bot is Active !! Congratulation


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